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Labor 2016 Slate

NC State AFL-CIO: Labor 2016
Recommended candidates for March 15th Primary
U.S. Senate: Deborah Ross
Governor: Roy Cooper
Lt. Governor: Linda Coleman
Labor Commissioner: Charles Meeker
Attorney General: Josh Stein
State Treasurer: Dan Blue III
Superintendent: June Atkinson
Eastern NC CLC (Havelock, New Bern area)
NC House
NC 9: Brian Farkas
Eastern Piedmont CLC (Roanoke Rapids area)
NC House
HD 24: Jean Farmer-Butterfield
HD 27: Michael H. Wray
HD 32: Terry Garrison
NC Senate
SD: 4: Angela R. Bryant
Greater Sandhills CLC (Fayetteville area)
NC House
HD 22: Ben Snyder
Southeastern NC CLC (Wilmington area)
New Hanover Co.
Schools: Sandra Leigh
Schools: Chris Meek
Schools: James Jamison, Jr.
Southern Piedmont CLC (Charlotte area)
US House
CD 12: Alma Adams
NC House
HD 82: Earle Schecter
HD 100: John Autry
HD 101: Beverly Miller Earle
HD 103: Rochelle Rivas
HD 107: Kelly Alexander
NC Senate
SD 36: Robert Brown
SD 38: Joel Ford
SD 40: Nasif Majeed
Mecklenburg Co.
Commission At-Large: Ella Scarborough
Commission At-Large: Patricia (Pat) Cotham
Commission At-Large: Trevor M. Fuller
Commission Dist. 2: Lula Dualeh
Court Dist. 26 (Brown-Williams seat): Faith Fickling
Court Dist. 26 (Mann seat): Christy T. Mann
Cabarrus Co.
Education: Keisha Villatoro
Triangle Labor Council (Raleigh, Durham area)
NC House
HD 33: Rosa Gill
HD 36: Jennifer Ferrell
NC Senate
SD 16: Jay Chaudhuri
Wake Co.
Commission At-Large: Lindy M. Brown
Triad CLC (Greensboro, Winston-Salem area)

US House
CD 12: Alma Adams
NC House
HD 58: Ralph C. Johnson
Rockingham Co.
Register of Deeds: Amy Lee Simpson
Guilford Co.
Commission Dist. 4: Kirk Perkins
Commission Dist. 6: Rick Forrester
Education Dist. 1: Dianne Bellamy-Small
Education Dist. 2: Anita Sharpe
Education Dist. 6: Khem Denise Irby
Education Dist. 8: Deena Hayes
Education At-Large: Alan Duncan
Court (Sherrill Seat): Lora Christine Cubbage
Western NC CLC (Asheville area)
NC House
HD 118: Reese Steen
Buncombe Co.
Commission Dist. 1: Gordon Smith
Commission Dist. 2: Larry Dodson

Southern Piedmont Retiree Club Meeting, February 18th at 11AM

You are invited to come out and meet Charlotte’s new Mayor, The Honorable Jennifer Roberts!  Please come out & meet the Mayor & enjoy our Southern Piedmont Retiree Club Quarterly Meeting………




Southern Piedmont Retiree Meeting


TO:               Southern Piedmont Retiree Club Members & Guests

FROM:          Bill Dworkin, President of the North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans & Shirley Jackson, President of the Southern Piedmont Retiree Club

SUBJECT:      Invitation to meeting of the Southern Piedmont Retiree Club

DATE:           February 18, 2016

Dear Friend,

The Southern Piedmont Retiree Club would like to invite you to attend their February 18th meeting. The meeting is scheduled for February 18, 2016 starting at 11am. The meeting will be held at the IBEW Local 379, 1900 Cross Beam Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217.

A long-term goal of the Southern Piedmont Retiree Club is to become the voice for all retirees by engaging in important battles to protect and preserve programs vital to the health and economic security of older Americans. There is no cost to attend the meeting and refreshments will be available. Please come to the meeting with ideas of how to grow the Club in 2016, speakers of interest to you and any trips that you would be interested in. Please R.S.V.P. to Heather McLaughlin (, 919-522-8996, as soon as possible.

Also, please feel free to bring any one else that is interested in protecting the economic security of themselves and their future generations. Guests can be union or non-union.


Bill Dworkin, President

North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans

Shirley Jackson, President

Southern Piedmont Retiree Club


September 2015 Newsletter


Summer is upon us and the board and I wish each of you the best for vacation and those precious times with family. We have been busy. We visited affiliates this spring and made 8 lobby visits to our political representatives. Our convention was an interesting opportunity to hear from North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper, who told us of his vision for the future of North Carolina as well as his view of our state’s current situation. MaryBe McMillan, Secretary-Treasurer of the NC AFL-CIO, spoke of the importance of showing up and organizing as well as the harm the General Assembly and the governor have done to seniors and retirees.

Our efforts to become financially independent have been moderately successful. Our spring efforts, which include the golf outing and a major raffle, raised close to $5,000.

In order to become a more effective advocate for seniors and retirees, we must enhance our financial footing.  My fellow officers and I, as well as the board, recognize how important this is and are working on ways to get it done.

I’m optimistic about the future of NCARA and I thank the entire membership for your support and confidence in reelecting me and treasurer Judy Coggins and Secretary Mary Montford.

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“FastTrack” and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

“Fast Track” and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is an international trade deal involving negotiations among twelve nations

–the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore,

And Vietnam. The US administration wants “Fast Track “authority, which means that the Executive Branch can

Negotiate, out of the public eye, trade agreements which will be sent to Congress, which may vote only “yea” or “nay, “with no amendments or debate allowed! This is a dangerous proposition, to have no public comment on a deal that will affect millions of American workers and no Congressional hearings or debate on an issue of this magnitude.

When did the idea of a TPP actually begin, and how have other trade deals worked for the United States?  A proposed agreement began in 2005 as the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPSEP), but such contentious issues as agriculture, intellectual property, and debates concerning services and investments have caused the agreement to stall for ten years. Now with the possibility of fast tracking, labor organizations and other worker-related groups are pointing to what has happened in the past with international trade deals that were supposed to be for the benefit of the U.S. but did not live up to the hype.  Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has been one of the major voices opposed to the TPP, citing previous deals that have resulted in the loss of millions of American jobs.  For example, she notes that NAFTA, CAFTA, KFTA (Korea Free Trade Agreement), and other trade pacts have been responsible not only for the loss of about six million jobs in the U.S.–among them 3.2 million alone lost due to trade with China, 60,000 lost to Korea, and 70,000 lost to Mexico–but that supporters of past agreements have said that the deals promised strong protections for workers; however, despite the promises, “these trade deals were just another tool to tilt the playing field in favor of multinational corporations and against working families.”

She said in an interview, “This deal would give protections to international corporations that are not available to United States environmental and labor groups.  Multinational corporations are increasingly realizing this is an opportunity to gut U.S. regulations they don’t like. They could make more money if they could beat down

Those regulations,” a reference to the part of the TPP agreement called the Investor-State Dispute Settlement process, which allows corporations to sue national governments in international forums to win settlements which cannot be appealed to a higher authority.

We as advocates of decent wages and working conditions for all workers, no matter where they live, cannot support a policy that does not strengthen labor and human rights, does not protect the U.S. from unsafe imports, and is not negotiated publicly. We realize that we must create good, solid markets and foster clean, safe working conditions in all places affected by a trade agreement, and we want future trade deals to create this standard for international trade which will prioritize raising wages and shared prosperity and put human

Beings before corporate profits. We are ready to stand with the President in negotiating not necessarily “free trade” but, more importantly, “fair trade” in the global economy.  We must not make the same mistakes we made in the past, which did not benefit the American worker but rather benefitted the corporate giants of the world.

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Expand state’s Medicaid, group in Greensboro implores McCroryA service is needed to view this article.

NCARA President, Bill Dworkin, spoke at the July 16th Medicaid Expansion Press Conference in GREENSBORO.  The gathering of 100 people at the Beloved Community Center was 1 of 6 events held from Greenville to Asheville calling on Governor McCrory to deliver a Medicaid Expansion plan.

According to NC Child reports that 27% of North Carolinians expect to benefit if the state expands Medicaid eligibility for families with children at home.  Dworkin states that “over 500,000 North Carolinians will benefit from Medicaid Expansion.”

Picket on Monday, December 9th

Dear Democracy Advocates,

Art Pope, owner of the Roses and Maxway stores and Gov. McCrory’s Budget Director, is the poster child of what one extremely wealthy individual can do to twist an entire state’s public policy in a racially divisive, ultra-conservative direction. Read more here.

Worse, Pope literally depends on the black community to finance his political operation; African-American shoppers at his stores supply a large share of his income, which he then uses to promote policies that keep them too poor to shop elsewhere. In reality, he’s a poverty creator more than a job creator. See our new handout here.

Many of his workers are also trapped – they’re paid less than a living wage, with few benefits, and they wind up relying on public assistance to support their families. In reality, Pope’s business is heavily subsidized by government funds, yet he uses his profits to promote an elitist, anti-government agenda – against voting rights, against public education, against campaign reform.

That’s why Democracy North Carolina is joining the NAACP and other members of the Forward Together Movement to coordinate educational pickets near Pope-owned stores (Roses, Maxway, etc.) across the state during the Holiday Season.

Organize or Attend a Picket Near You

Check out the list of planned pickets below and RSVP to let us know which picket you hope to attend. We can then follow up with more details.

If you don’t see an event near you on the list below, then organize one yourself! Let us know if you are interested and we will send you a local organizer’s kit and help with local media outreach and publicity.

REMEMBER: We are not calling for a boycott of Pope-owned stores at this time. These are informational pickets only!

Upcoming Educational Pickets (partial list)

Monday 12/9: Durham (4pm)
Wednesday 12/11: Charlotte (11am)
Friday 12/13: Goldsboro
Saturday 12/14: Winston-Salem (11am), Fayetteville (1pm), and Belmont (12 noon)